Laryngeal and Vocal Physiotherapy

Physio Ed Medical Ltd offers specialist laryngeal manual therapy treatments to patients suffering voice related symptoms. Techniques have been pioneered and developed over a twenty year period with thousands of performers undergoing this non invasive treatment to address symptoms from muscle tension dysphonia, pre nodular oedema or true vocal fold nodules and globus pharyngeus.

The larynx is suspended by muscles which in turn are affected by vocal workload and certain voice qualities, support patterns and postural influences, to name a few. All of these factors can result in a high level of muscle tension leading to restriction of vocal fold movement and symptoms such as a loss of range, breathy vocal tone, constriction whilst voicing and vocal fatigue.

The aim of laryngeal manual therapy treatment is to identify and treat any areas of restriction and address the reasons behind them. Treatment is specifically tailored to meet the individuals’ vocal demands and goals and usually involves soft tissue release of the tight laryngeal musculature and passive stretches to improve vocal fold mobility. We will also assess jaw symmetry, support patterns and neck and back posture. Real time ultrasound analysis of the abdominal muscles whilst you are singing is often used by the clinicians to ensure that optimal support patterns are being employed. Correcting any faults allows for safe and consistent sub glottic pressure levels leading to healthy long term singing.

Treatment not only benefits the singing population but all professional voice users such as teachers, barristers, sales reps and media presenters.

The clinic is very highly respected in the voice world and works with the top Ear, Nose and Throat surgeons, speech therapists, voice coaches and singing teachers. Physio Ed Medical Ltd clinicians are often invited to prestigious international and national conferences to lecture on their treatments and can boast many publications of their work in highly respected journals and medical texts.

Vocal Coaching

This service helps ‘bridge-the-gap’ between Vocal Physiotherapy, Speech and Language Therapy and Performance. It runs alongside the physiotherapy and ultra-sound services, mutually reinforcing what is offered by the clinic to its patients.

After the physical release of specific laryngeal muscle groups, it is paramount that voice users maintain a healthy and sustainable vocal set-up. This works by building up a bespoke vocal exercise program and techniques for both the speaking and singing voice. This can be part of post surgery care, before or whilst returning to full voice use. It can also be part of a voice improvement plan for singers, actors, dancers and public speakers.

Real Time Ultrasound

Physio Ed Medical Ltd offers an accurate assessment and training of the deep abdominal muscles using state of the art real time ultrasound equipment. This can be done as part of your physiotherapy assessment and rehabilitation process.

This useful tool can help those who struggle to engage or train their ‘core’ as well as singers who encounter support related issues.